Flexible Snake Bit Drill Bit Extender

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It’s hard enough to drill into a surface on a level plane !

It’s even harder when you need to drill something at an angle !

Well, fret no more, because the drill bit adapter to end all drill bit adapters is here to safe your back and heart.

Snake Bit is an amazing drill attachment that allows you reach difficult spots and helps you be sure to always hit your target.


One end is designed to fit perfectly into a standard drill bit slot, while the other is designed to fit a standard bit end. It’s like an extension cord for your tools!

Even without a drill, the Snake Bit can be used to extend your interchangeable headed screw driver or you can just use the one that comes with!

When you’re done, it’s easy to coil up and store away till you need it again!  


Shield of flexible shafts drill bit extension protects your hands while the internal shaft rotates freely.
12-inch flexible shafts drill bit extension can bend, twist and straighten even in a narrow confined space.
The flexible shafts drill bit extension is made of high carbon steel which is practical and durable to use.
Flexible shafts drill bit extension is an important tool for hardware maintenance and repair, including computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.
The 1/4 inch hexagon drill bit holder and connection fit drills well. Make the flexible shafts drill bit extension excellent combination is suitable for ordinary hand drill and electric drill with perfect performance.

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