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Beard Growth Roller
Beard Growth Roller
Beard Growth Roller
Beard Growth Roller
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Beard Growth Roller

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Minoxidil Beard Journey: 3 Month Transformation - YouTube
  • ✅STIMULATE BEARD GROWTH - Our Derma Roller for Hair Growth for Men in combination with our Beard Growth Oil help enhance beard growth by stimulating and awakening hair follicles. Derma Roller promotes blood flow to the surface of the skin, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Beard Oil provides natural nutrients and vitamins necessary for beard growth.
  • ✅HEALTHY SKIN - Our Beard Growth Kit increases firmness and elasticity of the skin, eliminates irritation, heals, nourishes skin cells, as well as the hairline of the beard and mustache. In addition, you can use our Derma Roller yourself for the face, neck, scalp and any other parts of the body.
  • ✅SAFE AND PAINLESS - Our Derma Roller for Beard Growth has the safest needle size for home use. Using Derma Roller with needles longer than 0.5 mm can damage sensitive skin or causing severe irritation.
  • ✅HIGH QUALITY - Our Beard Growth Roller made of high quality hypoallergenic medical steel. Beard Growth Oil made exclusively from the natural components: Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamins E, Aloe juice and Tea Tree. This allows you to quickly achieve the most effective result.
  • ✅PERFECT GIFT for a men who cares about his beard. Grooming Beard Growth Kit will give positive emotions on any holiday.


The use is simple and easy.
It is important to clean your beard and skin before use and to disinfect your Roller before and after.

1. Rinse and wash your beard
2. Dry your beard
3. Disinfect your Roller© with our disinfectant
4. Roll the Roller© on your skin and beard 10 times horizontally and vertically with light pressure
5. Apply the Serum to your beard
5. Repeat this operation twice a week
6. Desinfect your Roller© again

Note: Do not use the Roller on irritated or infected skin. The Roller is personal and should never be shared.

Beard Journey using minoxidil : BeardAdvice


When you finish using the derma roller on your skin, the next best thing is to use Hair Growth oil. The Derma Roller leaves the area accessible to immerse the nutrients; therefore, applying hair growth oil passes the nutrients to the skin, which stimulates the growth in your beard. 

Moreover, it helps the generation of collagen that helps to heal your scars along with making your skin soft and smooth. When the oils penetrate into the skin and hair follicles, they provide nourishment allowing the hair follicles to revive growth. 


PACK 1 :   Beard Growth Roller + Oil for Only 2799 Ksh

PACK 2 :   Beard Growth Roller for  2499 Ksh

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