Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Maintain Your Car Extra Clean With The Best Cordless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner !

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach those spots on our cars that are filled with dust and debris. It can be quite annoying to fully clean your car but still seeing dust and dirt appearing from somewhere. Now it is possible to completely clean your car with this Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Cars! Using its own built-in battery, you can easily reach any spot in your car without a cord!

The Vacuum Cleaner is portable and comfortable to easy Handheld. Say goodbye to that big vacuum equipment with lots of annoying cords. This Cordless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner can be used easily, no more stress at cleaning time. You can roam around your card easily! 


  • Includes several nozzles to reach places you couldn’t normally reach
  • Super strong suction to really get all that dirt and mess
  • Compact form factor - easy to store, easy to clean
  • Cleans chips, snacks, crumbs, but wait… with its powerful vacuum, it also cleans coins, nails, sand, water, and more!


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