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HD 12x Phone Telescope

HD 12x Phone Telescope

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Turn your ordinary mobile to a telescope lens that can capture crystal clear images from a distance  Tips:You can g et higher quality photos with a tripod!

* Perfect  for those who love outdoor adventure or love to watch ball games and concert.

* Handy and easy to use  convenient for everyone.

* Compact and durable  so you can easily bring it anywhere.

* Versatile  Offers endless product capabilities!

* Get the best value for your money  and make the most out of your outdoor endeavors with this high-tech product!

Optical Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens
This revolutionary product is your perfect tool to the outside world! This one of a kind item allows you to enhance your visibility while creating memories of a lifetime. Now you can enjoy the most clear and best view right at the palm of your hand anytime, anywhere! This brilliant item is also a fantastic gift idea. 

This amazing telescope allows you to get 8-12x as close to the object, gives you clear shots of the item from a far distance. Zoom is adjustable.
Can be used as a monoscope when not attached to a phone. 

Optical Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens

Package Includes (if there):

  • 1 x Telescope
  • 1 x Clip
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth

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